Business Opportunity

1) Financial strength—debt free with Dun & Bradstreet’s highest credit rating. Life Force International (LFI) is a stable, privately-owned business, free from shareholder pressure to generate short term profits.

2) LFI does its own manufacturing. This supports quality control and competitive pricing. Life Force is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. This places it in the top two percent for cleanliness, employee education and training, production process controls, as well as plant design and construction. After 25 years in business, there has never been a backorder.

3) LFI enjoys a reputation for integrity, including long-standing membership in the Better Business Bureau with no significant consumer complaints in 25 years. Life Force is also a member of the Direct Sellers Association which is a third party entity that ensures consumers that the company they are looking at is ethical and follows strict Network Marketing guidelines.

4) There is objective proof that the products work—including a large body of conclusive science pointing to the effectiveness of aloe vera and sea vegetables in supporting human health and well-being. Life Force products have a 25-year proven track record for attracting loyal customers. For the first 12 years, Life Force products were sold only directly through doctor’s offices. Over 6000 professional health care offices have endorsed Life Force products.

5) The typical customer to member ratio is 80% customers to 20% members—reflecting a stable and loyal customer base for reliable long-term income.

6) Body Balance is a great tasting, highly-assimilable, whole food liquid, based on sea vegetables and aloe vera. There are no absorption or pill fatigue issues. Consumers (including children) look forward to taking their product every day.

7) Members enjoy the highest net payout compensation plan at 60%. Compare this to network marketing industry averages of 38-42%. Two-thirds of these earnings go to part-timers and those who are just starting out.

8) The compressed compensation plan (40% on the 2nd level) and 55% Fast Start bonuses provide very fast earning potential for new business builders. One can generate $1,000 or more in net profit in their first month with the company.

9) New Members enjoy free membership and very modest monthly minimums (as low as $50). This reduces risk and maximizes gains.

10) Team Crown—consisting of a senior team of experienced leaders with strong track records for building and holding residual income—provides a professional and duplicable business system and world class training.

11) We do NOT convince people to buy something-we invite them to consider if our exceptional product solutions for health and financial improvement are a fit for them.

12) Everyone pays the same price for products. Established members do not get special price breaks.

13) There is no need to stock product inventory-the company ships directly to the customer. Life Force wants the product to get to the customers as fresh as possible (within two to three weeks after production). Purchasing large inventories is discouraged. In fact, there is a rule against stockpiling product.

14) As a result of eliminating advertising, distribution, and retail outlet costs, the company can afford to invest in better research, quality raw materials, and rewarding Life Force members for getting the word out about their experience.

15) Network Marketing is taught in leading Business Schools as a credible, ethical, and effective system for product distribution.

16) This is Ethical Grassroots Free Enterprise at its best. ANY motivated person can start up a business and be successful with the Life Force model, regardless of socio-economic status, educational level, prior experience, ethnic background, etc. The real pyramids exist in large corporations, where there is no room at the top for the average person.

17) With person-to-person network marketing, customers have a personal wellness coach committed to helping them achieve more radiant health.

18) This is NOT a model of continuous recruiting and direct sales. We have a multi-tiered business structure where we work in teams with excellent training and support systems. The industry average for retention of business builders after one year is 10%. In Life Force, it is 60-70%.

19) Life Force products enjoy tremendous customer loyalty. This is what makes the business plan work. 80% of the orders each month are from Customers who are not involved in the business. With Customer retention being so high, the ability to build a large residual income becomes easier.

20) There is a 45-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

As you can see, Life Force International has many attributes which continue to fuel our success. Life Force has been considered, by many experts, as one of the best Network Marketing companies on the planet. If you are interested at looking at our company any further, please feel free to call me 9 AM EST to 10 PM EST. Stewart Ogilby: 1-800-998-2523.